Saturday, August 27, 2011

23 Things

I'm really excited about the 23 Things challenge we're doing in my emerging technologies class this semester. I'm normally fairly adventurous with technology, but this is helping me stretch a little and try out some new things. I'll write more about these as the semester progresses.
  1. Investigate social search engines. [Completed 11/7/11]
  2. Learn more about the Digital Public Library of America. [Completed 10/31/11]
  3. Set up a chat for work, install Meebo Me chat widget and use Meebo to manage the chat. [Completed 9/16/11]
  4. Investigate and compare CiteULike and Mendeley citation management tools. [Completed 11/13/11]
  5. Create a presentation with Prezi. [Completed 10/23/11]
  6. Code reading list using Google rich snippets. [Completed 9/18/11]
  7. Create a MizzouDiversity website click test using to learn more about user interactions with website. [Completed 10/14/11]
  8. Investigate Xena digital preservation software and use it to convert digital photos to ASCII format. [Completed 11/13/11]
  9. Check out the demo of Koha ILS. [Completed 9/10/11]
  10. Become familiar with video file types, codecs and preservation standards used in archives. [Completed 9/26/11]
  11. Create an audio recording using Audacity. [Completed 10/1/11]
  12. Experiment with mind mapping software like Mindomo and Mindmeister. [Completed 9/29/11]
  13. Use Dippity to create a multicultural history of Mizzou timeline. Think about how archives and libraries with local history collections might use this tool. [Completed 12/1/11]
  14. Experiment with to create a visual resume and add a QR code to my print resume. [Completed 10/24/11] 
  15. Set up Google+ account and compare it to Facebook. How could libraries use Google+? [Completed 9/8/11]
  16. Attended Jim Ries's semantic search presentation to learn more about using ontologies to improve findability. [Completed 11/2/11]
  17. Tweet from the Missouri Library Association Conference in Kansas City. [10/9/11]
  18. Figure out how to load records into Koha using Z39.50 protocol. [Completed 10/31/11]
  19. Try out Historypin website and investigate phone app. [Completed 11/19/11]
  20. Purchase an e-book from Amazon and try out the Kindle Cloud Reader and Kindle for PC applications.  [Completed 9/21/11]
  21. Set up Second Life account and attend virtual class there. [10/9/11]
  22. Create a digital exhibit/collection using Omeka. [10/16/11]
  23. Look into crowdsourcing options for digital collections. Demo tools like FromThePage and Scripto to transcribe historical documents. [11/21/11]